Cardum S. Harmon

Currently Cardum Harmon serves as Executive Director for Heart and Soul Inc. the premier consumer-run organization in San Mateo, CA.


Prior to this appointment, she served as a Program Manager for the Health and Human Resources Education Center, where she successfully managed five innovative programs, bringing healing and education to the communities they serve.  

As Campaign Manager for Alameda County’s 10x10 Wellness Campaign, she effectively maintained a diverse campaign steering committee and subcommittees - composed of consumers, providers, family members and Behavioral Health Care Services staff. Focus of the committees centered around promoting wellness from a holistic perspective and reducing stigma by spreading awareness of mental health issues from a strength-based perspective. During her leadership, the campaign created an empowering campaign slogan, Live well, live long, love life! and creativity reframed the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, bringing nationwide attention and receiving accolades from SAMHSA.


She is a co-founder of the Bay Area Mandala Project, a consumer think tank aimed at finding compassionate solutions to helping those experiencing mental health challenges.

With a Master’s degree in Culture and Spirituality, Cardum has studied and experienced various faith traditions and worked as a wellness consultant and retreat facilitator in the Bay Area for over 20 years.  While engaging in several programs around the country, she has educated children and adults on a more balanced way of living. As a consumer, she uses her lived experience to create compassionate approaches to mental wellness.