• The Bay Area Mandala Project (BAMP) is a group composed of consumers, family members and mental health and medical professionals holding expertise in psychiatric crises, spiritual emergencies, peer support, and wellness and recovery support services. We promote alternative approaches to healing and recovery. We provide public education to build understanding of mental health and wellness as it relates to extreme states. Our proposed programs provide a therapeutic, holding environment which is flexible and able to respond to a wide range of emotional states and behaviors, including extreme states allowing individuals to feel safe, while staff accompanies them and supports their experience.


  • An engagement philosophy focused on wellness, resiliency, recovery and healthy lifestyle choices allows individuals to experience a process that is non-pathologizing, encourages empathetic responsiveness and places emphasis on an integrated approach. Based on the premise that extreme states can be potentially transformative and that psychosis can be a temporary, natural experience, staff would help individuals to make meaning of their crisis experience.

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