Trainings & Outreach


First Response to a Crisis: Avoiding a 5150:


Participants will develop an understanding of various extreme states and how to deescalate a variety of situations during psychosis or suicidal crises. Participants will learn how to avoid power struggles and increase non­violent communication. Target Training Audience: Mobile Crisis , Crisis Response Police Officers (CIT), Oakland Security Ambassadors, Mobile Outreach Providers, Family members and loved ones.


Being with Extreme States Training (BEST):

Participants will learn about previous Psychosis Sanctuaries in the Bay Area, explore common archetypal themes and discover how to communicate compassionately with someone undergoing intense energetic experiences. Participants will also learn techniques for engaging people in communicative states and self-care for working with intense experiences. Target Training Audience: Peer Providers, CBO Providers, and Family members.


Making Meaning in Madness:

Participants will receive an overview of the Hearing Voices Movement and how to form a group. Perspectives on psychosis in other cultures or spiritual circles (i.e. shamanism, psychic, spiritual) and trauma-informed approaches will help participants gain a deeper understanding of psychosis as a potentially transformative experience. Panelists will share with participants how to best support a transformational growth process in individuals having experience with intense, ecstatic, painful and/or distressing episodes. Target Training Audience: CBO Providers, especially therapists, CBOs serving clients with psychosis, Peer Specialists, Family members.


Maintaining a Recovery Vision: Strengths-based Documentation:


Provider participants will learn how to use recovery focused language while producing client notes. Participants will learn what is required to prove medical necessity. Target Training Audience: Therapists, Case Managers, Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Peer Specialists, anyone required to write Medi­Cal billable notes and/or treatment plans.