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We value courageous creative expression in diverse form, people and backgrounds and the connection between self awareness and self expression. We believe in the power of the human spirit to heal the mind and body. Through artistic approaches to healing, Urban Artery supports individual transformation and collective growth.

Marcus "Adeshima" Penn, M.D.
Cardum Harmon, M.A.

Marcus Lorenzo Penn, MD, CYT brings over 14 years of experience working with diverse populations as a holistic health and wellness consultant and coach.  He has a strong desire for informing people about novel practices that support living a healthier life. In this role he helps populations become informed of their own health and empowers them to adopt healthy behaviors that lead to their healing.  Dr. Penn received his M.D. degree from Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, D.C. with postgraduate medical training at Alameda County Medical Center Highland Hospital in Oakland. Currently he serves on faculty at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, CA.  He is certified in Raja and Hatha yoga styles receiving his yoga and mindfulness training through an Integral Health Fellowship with Niroga Institute in Berkeley, CA. As a photographer and founder of Self Care Reform Wellness, he is passionate about providing tools and creative strategies for self-awareness, personal transformation, stress reduction and lifestyle change. 

As Co-Founder of the Bay Area Mandala Project, Cardum is both an innovator and a visionary. Born in Oakland, California, at age 21 Cardum had a mystical encounter that would redirect the course of her life’s work. She attended the Sophia Center at Holy Names University, where she earned her Master’s Degree in Culture and Spirituality. After two years of intensive investigation into the indigenous wisdoms of various faith traditions, researching modern-day mysticism and living in community with women from around the world, she produced written work, Mandala Project: Mysticism, Metaphysics & Divine Manifestation. As an artist, she provides workshops that cultivate inner wisdom and spark the fire of creative expression.  Artwork.

Visit Cardum's services at www.cardumharmon.com

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