An Integrative Crisis Intervention Model...

Providing family members and their loved ones an alternative to hospitalization and/or assisted outpatient treatment.

Developing comprehensive psycho-social recovery-oriented services for consumers going through extreme emotional states often diagnosed on the psychosis spectrum.

Helping those in crisis avoid initiating dependence on the mental health system and long-term psychiatric drug use.

Objective: This innovative diversion system will provide family members and their loved ones voluntary alternatives to hospitalization 
and/or Assisted Outpatient Treatment. It will assist persons in early or reoccurring psychiatric episodes of extreme distress (psychosis) or 

mania, and can divert large numbers of people from ongoing dependence on the mental health system and psychotropic drug use.




Target Populations:

  • Mandala Sanctuary: Individuals experiencing a first break of psychosis and/or mania, without extensive exposure to antipsychotics or mood stabilizers

  • Mandala Crisis Alternative: An alternative to PES for those in crisis who have experienced multiple experiences of psychosis and are interested in reducing their use of antipsychotics or mood stabilizers

  • Mandala Respite: A crisis prevention option for individuals with multiple experiences of psychosis either on or off antipsychotics or mood stabilizers who want to prevent an oncoming crisis

  • Mandala Mobile Crisis: Individuals experiencing a crisis in their homes or in board and care facilities

  • Harm Reduction: A service offered to those individuals wanting to come off their psychiatric medications in a safe way

  • Community Healing Room: Group and individual support around maintaining wellness in the community

Program Model







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