The Total Health Institute is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, founded in 1987 by Bobbe Norrise to bring holistic approaches to wellness to the greater Bay Area. For more than 30 years, the Total Health Institute consultants have offered wellness services including workshops, retreats and stress reduction classes to diverse communities and highly deserved populations. Today, this organization provides consulting services focuses solidly on the mind, body and spirit connection and caters to all age groups and communities. By developing innovative programs using non-traditional approaches to mind, body and spirit, cultural health, community education, organizational wellness and creative expression, the Total Health Institute carries on the tradition of healing and wellness to the Bay Area and beyond.



Our Board

Marty Fleetwood


Martha Fleetwood, J.D., is the founder and Executive Director of HomeBase.  With over 25 years of experience with homelessness and legal issues, Ms. Fleetwood has successfully developed local, regional and national strategies to enhance both targeted and mainstream resources available to address homelessness. She has extensive expertise working with local, state and federal government on homelessness policy, planning and program development. 

Ms. Fleetwood works hand-in-hand with communities to implement homelessness prevention programming, and to enhance access to housing and other needed services, including health and mental health care. She designs programs, facilitates program start-up, develops agency and community level policies, and secures funding to support housing and services for homeless people. 



Lorenzo was born in Hong Kong, 11-26-1956, adopted by Chinese immigrants and raised in a neighborhood of “Colors” in Fresno, CA.  He survived multiple abandonments and was subjected to many emotional and physical abuses. His adoptive family was comprised of a pre-established set of 5 “foster” siblings, speaking only Cantonese in the household.  His immediate neighbors were Mexican who spoke only Spanish which became his first learned language in the U.S. His third being English.  Lorenzo grew up  with severe mental health challenges and struggled with language and speech.  Feeling enormous expectations and pressures, he was driven to be an over-achiever.  Overcoming language barriers/struggles and dyslexia, he eventually attained degrees from UC Berkeley and CSU Hayward and was doing research work toward a PhD on “The Efficacy of Traditional Eastern Medicine in the Cure for Drug Addiction & Certain Mental Disorders.”  

In spite of great achievements of material success in the corporate business world, he struggled with his personal, emotional and mental wellness.  He was diagnosed with Major Clinical Depression after a suicide attempt and later diagnosed with PTSD and Bi-Polar Disorder.  His true success story comes much later in a life of Survival & Recovery, utilizing and employing the holistic approach he's taken from his distinctly Chinese (East Asian) culture of herbal and eastern preventive medicine wherein he was raised. He is now thriving and contributing to the mental health field through advocacy efforts and serving on several boards focused on mental health.





Dr. Carl Mack is Program Director for the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management and a core faculty member in the Industrial Organizational PsyD and Organizational Development Program. He earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD in Sociology from UC Berkeley. He first came to California School of Professional Psychology as a grant manager, managing a contract to provide mental health services to Head Start programs in Northern California as well. He started teaching at CSPP in 1972, was on faculty at UC Davis, and was a superintendent of a school district for 22 years.

Rashida Lee

M.A. / CHT

Minister Rashida Lee, M.A., CHT, Intuitive Energy Medicine practitioner (IEM), is an initiated Elder in the Dagara ritual healing tradition. Her lifework consulting practice, Dreamcatcher, includes the Sankofa Leadership Series, as well as individual personal and professional development, specializing in Sacred Self Care. She is the founder of Isis Rising women's drumming circle and has studied Ancient Wisdom with esteemed teachers, indigenous healers, Devis and shamans worldwide, traveling to the rain forests of the Yucatan and Guatemala, and to the initiatory centers of northern Mexico, African/Egypt and Nepal. Rashida believes her personal experiences of intense spiritual crisis have served as opportunties for profound transformation and that emotional crisises have been a gateway for her soul's healing.

La Brie


Raquiba believes in the importance of taking a strength-based approach to mental health and advocate for each individual defining their own recovery journey. She is the Director of Community Investment at L+M Development Partners, an affordable housing real estate development firm based in New York City. She is responsible for the design and implementation of a grantmaking program for L+M that focuses on strengthening low-income communities by expanding access to jobs, educational opportunities, and healthy food. She also supports L+M’s community development efforts. Before this, She directed U.S. Programs' Equality and Opportunity Fund at the Open Society Foundations (OSF). In this role, She managed grantmaking portfolios addressing a range of civil rights concerns, including 

racial justice, immigrant rights, LGBT equality, gender justice, black male achievement, and 

neighborhood stabilization. In 2007, She helped design and launch an OSF initiative to respond 

to the sub-prime lending crisis. She was previously the program director of U.S. Programs' 

Sentencing & Incarceration Alternatives Project, which sought to reduce the scale of incarceration 

in the U.S. by: eliminating race and class disparities in sentencing and incarceration; promoting 

alternatives to incarceration; and limiting prison growth and prison privatization. I also

directed the Soros Justice Fellowships and served as program officer for U.S. Programs' Access 

to Justice program, which focused on strengthening the federally funded civil legal aid field. Prior 

to joining OSF, She was an associate in the exempt organizations practice group of Patterson, 

Belknap, Webb & Tyler. She graduated from Yale College and Harvard Law School.





YaSin Norrise


Oryx Cohen is a leader in the international mental health consumer/survivor/ex-patient (c/s/x) movement. Currently he is the Director of the National Empowerment Center’s (NEC’s) Technical Assistance Center. In addition to organizing the national Alternatives Conference 

every three years and other responsibilities, he assists states that have an underdeveloped consumer/survivor voice to find that voice and then work toward transforming the mental health 

systems in those states to become peer-driven and recovery-oriented.

Prior to joining NEC, 

Oryx was Co-Director of the Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community. He helped 

to spearhead an innovative peer-run approach focusing on recovery, healing, and community. 

Oryx is also the co-founder of Freedom Center, the Pioneer Valley’s only independent peer-run support/activist organization. Freedom Center’s purpose is to empower and support people with psychiatric labels while challenging oppressive mental health policies and practices. 


Oryx is the Co-Producer and stars in a film called HEALING VOICES, scheduled to be released 

in 2015. Oryx is also featured in Agnes’s Jacket, a book by Gail Hornstein, where Oryx and 

fellow Freedom Center co-founder Will Hall are compared to the founders of Alcoholics 

Anonymous. Oryx serves on several boards and committees internationally, nationally and 

regionally, including the Hearing Voices Network USA. He speaks and conducts trainings 

internationally on such topics as Emotional CPR, Hearing Voices, Trauma, and Recovery.

Oryx volunteered for several years with MindFreedom International, directing its Oral History Project. 

This project involved collecting and documenting c/s/x stories of abuse, empowerment, and 

healing in the mental health system. Oryx is also adjunct faculty in the Westfield State College Psychology Department.



As manager of  a profitable multimillion dollar project portfolio with stakeholders in the U.S. and Hawaii, Yasin provides dynamic team building through recruitment, identifying and cultivating talented team leadership. Yasin's areas of expertise are concentrated in Project Portfolio Management, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Risk Mgmt., Project Finance, Product Design, Cross-functional Communication, Team Building, Client Relationship Management and Contract Negotiation.















Our Mission

The Total Health Institute's mission is to strenghten  the community by providing education and resources that offer alternative approaches to wellness and inspire healing and recovery.

President of the Board
Harmon Penn




Cardum currently serves as the President of the Board for the Total Health Institute and former CEO of Heart and Soul, Inc. a consumer-run mental health services organization in San Mateo, CA. 

Cardum's dynamic leadership reaches into many areas of wellness and her compassionate influence spans the breadth of the Bay Area and beyond.




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