Write 2 Passage

Purpose: W2P’s mission is to create educational outlets for our under-served youth in the fields of literacy, creative writing, creative arts, history and technology.


Objective: With a focus on literacy and communication, our primary objective is to teach and encourage our students to become better writers, critical thinkers, business innovators, communicators and community leaders.


Target Population:  Youth between the ages of 14 – 24 within the community who are not solely or have been a part of the foster care, juvenile or mental health system.


Write 2 Passage is at the forefront of youth development, providing our under-served youth with a practical combination of learner-centered instruction,  experiential skill-building and economic opportunities. W2P’s mission is to create much needed educational outlets for our youths in the fields of literacy, creative writing, creative arts, history and technology. 

W2P programs provide opportunities throughout the year for our vulnerable youth to interact with positive role models, while receiving relevant life skills training in five program areas: Health and Wellness, Arts and Culture, Writing and Literacy, Technology and Computer Literacy, and Entrepreneurship and Career Development. 

Program areas emphasize leadership (peer support and role modeling), social responsibility (community service activities and socially responsible business and community practices), self-sufficiency (job-skill and entrepreneurship training, computer training, computer literacy, networking, game and program design) health and wellness (nutrition education and fitness training) and academic success (tutoring, academic mentoring, and college application support). These skills are vital for developing the personal wherewithal to avoid gang influence, drug use, unwanted pregnancies, and unsafe sex practices. 
Program facilitators utilize program curriculum that is a combination of experiential, interactive team building, and leadership development activities that reinforce the value of education, as well as the development of positive, productive and socially responsible adults.